EN: Info for new Elokapina users

Congratulations and welcome to Elokapina! You are now one step closer to joining hundreds of rebels in climate action through civil disobedience in Finland.

What next?

You have most likely arrived to this page after filling in your username and email on the Elokapina account's registration page. Thus you should have a link in your email to set a password for yourself. The email will look like this:

Click the link in order to reset your password.

You may close this window after setting the password.

Please also check your spam folder if you do not receive an email. If you don't receive the email within 30 minutes of signing up, please contact the person who gave you the link to join.

Signing in to Element

Elokapina uses the Matrix-based Element chat as its primary chat channel. With your Elokapina ID you can log in to Element as follows.

Desktop / browser

Mobile phone

  • On mobile, download Element application, and open the application.

    • In the first screen, select "I already have an account".

    • In the second screen, press "Edit" on the upper right, and set the server address to matrix.elokapina.fi then press "Next".

    • Finally, select "Continue with Kapinatunnus", now log in with your rebel ID, and you should be all set up!

  • There is also a desktop application for Element, which you can use if you wish.

For more detailed instructions in Finnish, click here. You may skip the sections related to creating an account, as your Elokapina account has already been created at this point. We are constantly working on translating more of our material to English and thus improving inclusivity in the community.

I'm in Element – how to join rooms?

Once you have signed into Element, contact the person who gave you the link. Send them a private message on Element, if the person provided their Element/Matrix ID (of the form @username:server.tld). Alternatively, you can contact them another way and give them your Element ID. This looks like @username:elokapina.fi, where "username" is your chosen username. You can check it in Element yourself by clicking on the user menu.

What else can I access with my Elokapina ID?

You can also use your Elokapina ID to log in to Base, an internal forum for long-form discussion. Look for more info on activating your Rebel ID in Base here:

Problems, questions, special needs – HELP!

This site has a wealth of advice on a variety of problems, yet unfortunately only in Finnish at the moment. We are striving to translate more of it. If you understand Finnish or can use an online translator, please check at least the general questions ("FAQ" in the menu on the left).

If you don't understand Finnish or can't find the answer to your problem, contact the user @xryllapito:elokapina.fi in Element or ask in the Helpdesk room (found in the room directory). We will try to help you!

If your question is not technical, your primary contact is the trainer, the person who issued the Element invitation or, for example, the coordinator of your group.

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